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Catalogue of the 52 Queen Sofía Prize for Painting and Sculpture held from March 3 to 20, 2017 in Madrid, Spain.


As every year the honorary president of this important venue, her majesty the Queen emeritus Sophia with her characteristic simpathy take her time to greet all the artists participants who awaits to show their artworks.


The sculptor Raimudo Folch with her majesty  the Queen emeritius Sofia of Spain.


Raimundo Folch beside his sculpture, is one of the 67 artists selected among 300 to participate at the 52th Queen Sofia Prize for Painting and Sculpture for the second time..


The sculpture titled Winds of Vittel made of glazed stoneware with a travertine marble base is a product of Raimundo Folch´s pareidolic inspiration during his stay in the french city of Vittel.


  Her majesty the Queen emeritus Sofia with the award winners Coderch and Malavia Sculptors

The bronze patina coated sculpture titled "Hamlet" is the winner of the 52º Queen Sofia Prize for Painting and Sculpture.


 Raimundo Folch pose together with Santiago de Santiago a local consecrated sculpture among the guest. 


 A view of the main hall with a lot of spectators at the Casa de Vacas in Madrid where this prestigious venue is held .