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Catalogue of the 53rd Queen Sophia Prize for Painting and Sculpture inaugurated at the Casa de Vacas in Madrid from march 2 to 19 , 2018.


 Raimundo Folch greets Her Majesty Queen Emeritius Sophia who after the award ceremony takes her time to see all the participating artists and their artworks.


 The sculptor shows Her Majesty, pictures of a bust in the making of her son King Felipe VI of Spain.

A project of a half body bust of His Majesty King Felipe VI of Spain, still under finishing process by the sculptor Raimundo Folch.


Raimundo Folch, with his sculpture, is one of the 67 artists selected among many to participate at the 53rd Queen Sophia Prize for Painting and Sculpture.


 The glazed stoneware sculpture titled " Carnival" over a travertino marble base is a product of the artist´s pareidolia inspiration from a stain produce by drops of condense water in his kiln wall.


  The winner Pedro Quesada receives the award from her majesty the Emeritius Queen Sophia and the Spanish Education and Culture Minister,  Ińigo Mendez de Vigo, the diploma and medal.

The sculpture entitled  "Nudeness" won the 53rd Queen Sophia Prize for Painting and Sculpture 2018.


 Raimundo Folch with the jornalist and writer Javier Sierra winner of Premio Planeta this year and also a member of the jury. 


A view of the central hall  of the Casa de Vacas in Madrid site of this prestigious venue.


              ......after the award ceremony with plenty of people.