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Paris! Paris! City of love and  romance, cradle of the artists.


With the world famous Louvre Museum as the background. right below this crystal pyramide is located the "Carrousel du Louvre"

It is an elegant comercial center where the exhibiting hall of the National Society of the Fine Arts of Paris is located.

Every year in december, this important and prestigious art fair is held sponsored by the French President Nicolas Zarcozy and organized by the Societé Nationale des Beaux-Arts of Paris.

Thousands of artists from all over the world gather to exhibit their artworks for sale and also  to be awarded  by the jury of  the S.N.B.A. with different prizes and categories..

Inauguration day of the fourth edition of the International Art Exhibition of  "Carrousel du Louvre" held from december 8 to 11 of  2011 in Paris.

This sculpture is titled "Charriot of the Gods" one of the two artpieces of the sculptor Raimundo Folch  that the S.N.B.A previously selected to participate in the exhibit.

This sculpture is titled "Sea Deity" the other artpiece made by Raimundo Folch and the winner of the Baumel-Schwenck Prize of 2011. This award is considered  the highest distinction that the S.N.B.A  gives in sculpture.

The sculptor Raimundo Folch helds proudly the Baumel-Schwenck Prize besides the winning sculpture.