"Raimundo Folch had selected freely a route of evident figurative connotations, a distant proposal from beyond realism where the expression seemly reach the maximum protagonism, without forgetting the outstanding role that permitly play certain surrealism, juncted with an onirism claiming the active participation of the spectator so that he himself, precisely must complete the final iconography".

Rafael Prats Rivelles

( Levante Journal and Spanish Art Critics asociation )







"For the sublimation of surrealism Raimundo Folch knew how to blend onírism with realism, and his sculptures seem to emerge from smoke and elevates in slender volute thinnning itself, before it disintigrate in the air. Creating forms which far from guessing, it help us for dreaming".                                                                                                                           

Rafael Pons

                                                                  International Art Critics Association 

                                                                        Spanish Art Critics Association 

                                                                       Valencia Art Critics Association  






"I think that Raimundo Folch intends to avoid unfounded virtuosisms  and centering in the parameters of an efficient and coherent investigation, to get the most possible advantage of an art that upto now not long  ago was erroneously considered as minor. He obtains it through his fascination of the far east simplicity that approach him to a very characteristical spirit of modernity. The form is then reduce to the essential, to that of which the own fingers offers, without other recourse to ornamentation".

Olga Real

Numerary member of International Art Critics Association



"Raimundo Folch is an author of silhouettes sprinkled of mythological traits, remains of dreams and legends ; creator of traits and gestures; helenic sculptor of our time. "

                                                                                                                        Lorenzo Berenguer

                                                                                                              Critics and  Author of Artbooks