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The sculptor Raimundo Folch at work with the head bust of Jose Rizal at his studio in Mislata, Spain


The sculptor pausing with the finished half body bust of the philippine national heroe "José Rizal"


Cast in bronce at a foundry in Murcia and waiting to be applied the patina as finishing touch.


The sunny plaza  San Antonio in Cadiz, Spain near Paseo Alameda Apodaca where the Rizal monument is to be inaugurated.


 The mayor of Cádiz Teofila Martinez addressing to the invited guests and public.

As a symbol of the spanish recognition and reconciliation of Rizal´s achievement, Three representatives of the spanish armed forces such as an army coronel, lt. coronel of the guardia civil and a navy admiral honored the inauguration of  Rizal´s monument which is the second in Spain.

The unveiling moment, from left is the philippine ambassador Carlos Salinas, from right is the mayor of Cádiz  Teofila Martinez and beside her, Senator Edgardo Angara. 

The plaque recites as a symbol of joint heritage and friendship between Spain and the Philippines. This bust immortalize the noble principles which Rizal represents, courage, dignity and patriotism. 

From left to right, the honorary consul in Cadiz, Fdo. Agullo, the gral.consul ,  ambassador Salinas and wife, a filipino painter and the sculptor,author of the bust, Raimundo Folch 


The Manila born spanish-filipino sculptor Raimundo Folch proudly pauses beside his work in his barong tagalog attire. a month later he received the gold medal in sculpture at the international Art Fair in Vittel, France after receiving the Baumel-Schwenck prize on 2011 in Paris and is also considered the highest category given in sculpture..




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