Esta sección trata de las ultim novedades y actualidades etc. del artista


 6th European Artists Circle Art Exhibits held on  may 7 to 22, 2016.


The chateau culturel, cultural center of the french town of Saint-Max .


Moments previous to the opening of the art exhibit when the crowd starts to gather inside the chateau.


Among the five artworks the artist displayed, the sculpture at the center below is one of the limited series of the winning piece awarded in Paris in 2011 the Baumel-Schwenck prize which is the highest distintion in sculpture.


The sculptor Raimundo Folch poses before his famous sculpture  "Las Amazonas" worth of a gold medal granted in Vittel, France in 2013.


Raimundo Folch receives from the town mayor of  Saint-Max  and the authorities of the European Artistl Circle whom he pertains as a member, the diploma of second prize in sculpture.



This is the third time he received an award in France.


With Juan Ramirez a spanish painter origin from canary islands, former disciple of Salvador Dalí and considered in France his spiritual son.