Esta sección trata de las ultim novedades y actualidades etc. del artista


Catalogue of the art venue of the European Artists Circle held at the European Parliament Sede in Strasbourg (France) on april16 to 18 , of 2018.


 Raimundo Folch, one of the artist participant member poses at the European Parliament hall entrance.


 The sculptor with his five sculptures brought in ocasion to this art exhibit.

The melodic chariot, one of his classic masterpiece made of glazed stoneware..


Raimundo Folch´s version of Michael Angelo´s David inspired thru a pareidolic view of a dried stem of a maple leaf..


 Patadyong, based on a traditional outfit of the Philippines, manifest one of Raimundo Folch´s cultural roots origin.


  The call, another sculptured based on a pareidolic inspiration of a dried stem of a maple leaf.

A view of the exhibit hall with the artworks display of the members of European Artists Circles compose of artists from France, Spain, Germany, Italy etc. 




A view of the front building of the European Parliamentary complex in Strasbourg, France..


              the inner grand patio forming a circle like a grand arena ......after the award ceremony with plenty of people.