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Last february 4 of 2016, the 51th Edition of Queen Sophia Prize of Painting and Sculpture was inaugurated at the Casa de Vacas of the famous Parque del Retiro right at the center of Madrid.


 The art exhibit would be open to the publico from february 4 to 28 of 2016.


Among 400 aspirants to this art quest, only 66 artworks are selected in which only one would be proclaimed as the winner.


Being one of these fortunate 66 artists selected among the 400 aspirants is already considered a triumph due to the strict decision of a prestigiously qualified jury.


 The sculpture piece titled "Acrobat" made of glazed stoneware modeled by the sculptor Raimundo Folch is one of the artwork selected at 51 th Queen Sophia Prize of Painting and Sculpture.


The Manila born spanish sculptor Raimundo Folch who received two significant awards in France years ago stands besides his sculpture.


Just a few minutes of the opening, the visitors start to gather along the gallery. The red painting on the far right painted by the artist Cristina Gamon received the winnig prize. 


 The Spanish  Association of Painters and Sculptors founded in 1910 is the organizer of this prestigious annual prize..