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Most probably many people would be wondering what is the source of my inspirations in my creating process, The answer is that everything start inside my mind, I can consider myself fortunate in having a strong sense of imagination that any object in my daily life could serve as a catalyzer for my brain to sinthesize a figurative image. The texture of a dry leaf, the structure of the branches of a tree, a stain in a wall etc. This things resembles in my mind objects of the inconscience which might be personal or perhaps collective that migth be floating across the universe in which I think I am just a mere interpreter. I call this the ethereo-magical world. How many of us during childhood had imagined forms and shapes on the clouds, This process is defined as the pareidolia effect and I could say I developed this talent since then, This thing occurs involuntarily at times when I look at things, ˇchas! , It surge like a flash and I can see myself running for a pencil and a piece of paper as soon as possible in order to sketch the idea before it fades on my mind. Once I have the bocetto sketched, it is just a matter of time for me to decide which of the bunch I have ,could be materialized through the clay that in my case I employ, is stoneware. The following below are samples of my inspiration.


a piece of steel wool

this bocetto resembles a genie type character playing a flute entangled with a cloth that hangs below( shaved head with ponytail, with arabic type shoes) 


 fluteplayer          15x30x30cms.   lazed stoneware                        

stain on a wall resembles a riding horseman with a cape being blown by the wind   

a piece of metal strip use for cargo  packaging


resembles the silouhette of a  rhytmic gymnast

gimnast 15x15x115 cms. glazed stoneware

  wrinkles on the wall   resembles the image of a hermit    The hermit of Micalet

  some scratches on the metallic frame of an elevator   resembles the profile of a woman flying on a horizontal position wearing a tiarra on her head with an eagle on top   Mother earth "Gaia"

  a spray painted line on the wall   resembles a deity with hair and tunic floating beneath the sea   Sea Deity (awarded the Baumel-Schwenck prize inParis 2011)

  piece of  jamón serrano   resembles the images of a madonna with a child on her arm         Golden Maternity



   residual glue on a carpet   resembles the image of a woman with her hair blown in the wind  

Birth of Venus


  knotted cable for hanging clothes   resembles the image of a mother and child           Splenderous maternity


                 Two paper  strips    resembles two figurative human sculptures   

Folch-líthic-1 y Folch-líthic-2

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